I have never been in therapy.  What is it like?
I appreciate that it can be hard to reach out for help, especially if you are more used to being a caregiver.  When you call, I will take time to listen to what has been going on for you and ask you some basic questions.  In our first meeting, we will talk more in depth about what is bothering you and try to understand some of the contributing factors.  In the first few meetings we will develop a list of goals (the treatment plan).  When you come in, you are welcome to talk about whatever is on your mind and we will work together to relate this to your goals.  We may come up with different ways to think about yourself or your situation, different activities for self-care and coping, or different ways to communicate.  Sometimes I might suggest you practice these at home.  We might end our sessions with a mindfulness or relaxation exercise, if you want to try this.  I see the therapy space as yours, a place to explore what is meaningful to you.  I try to be friendly and non-judgmental.    

How often will I see you?
There isn’t a right or wrong way to go about the frequency of our meetings.  It is really up to you and how you are feeling.  When clients first come to see me, they often start with weekly sessions.  After they are feeling some relief we may drop to every other week.  Short term therapy may wrap up in 3-6 months.  Other clients may continue longer, especially if they are addressing longer term issues.

Do you take insurance?
I am paneled with Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield of DE, Highmark Health Options (Medicaid), Aetna, Cigna, and Tricare.  I also accept self-payment if I do not take your insurance.

What if I need medication
As a social worker, I do not prescribe medications.  Should you need medication in the time we are working together, I will help you locate an appropriate prescriber.  Some clients are able to work with their primary care doctor or OB/GYN.  Others are more appropriate for a specialist (psychiatrist or prescribing nurse). 

Can I bring my children?
Yes, if you would like to.  If you have a baby, you are welcome to bring your baby and feed/change diapers/ walk around as needed.  If you have older children, I have some toys in my office.  Some women find it too difficult to concentrate if their child is with them, and others don’t want to be apart.  I will honor your choice.  If you have experienced a loss and would rather schedule at a time when you will not be likely to see a baby in my waiting room, please let me know.

Do you treat anyone besides moms?
Please call me so that we can discuss if your concerns are a good match with my skills/experience.


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Frequently Asked Questions about Counseling