If you are reading this section after losing a baby, I would like to offer you my sincerest sympathies.  Whether you lost your baby early or late during pregnancy, at birth or weeks later, please know that you have a right to grieve and a right to feel however you do.   Many families tell me that it is difficult to talk with others about their very painful emotions.  How can anyone possibly understand how hard this is? Why do people say things that upset me so much?  Will I ever look at life the same way?  These are some of the issues I talk about with families who have lost a baby.  Many families find it helpful to have professional support in the year following a loss.  Some people say that grief is as unique as a fingerprint.  There is no right or wrong way to go about it.  I would be honored to provide a safe and caring space to support you in your own very personal grieving process.

Here are a couple of local support groups:

Loving Arms at Christiana Hospital (for parents grieving the loss of a baby because of ectopic pregnancy, miscarriage, stillbirth or newborn death)

Hank's Hope (provides resources and support to DE families that have experienced pregnancy loss and/or infant loss)

You may want to consider the support of a bereavement doula located in DE:

Melissa Subasic: 302-750-8980 or melissasubasic@gmail.com.  Melissa is a StillBirthDay certified doula and can provide information about what to expect prior to a loss.  She can attend your birth and provide support afterward.  Services are low cost/free to families who are experiencing the loss of a baby.        

Here is a workbook I recommend to support those who are grieving the loss of a baby:

Black Angel Mom Guided Journal by Jeanae M. Hopgood-Jones

Amy Didden, LCSW       144 Kings Highway Suite 303, Dover, DE 19901       302-231-2312

Maternal Grief and Loss